Ed Cox EXCLUSIVE interview

A very exciting interview with Ed cox.

A true inspiration through his extravagant and individual touch in music production. He is international recognised for his fusion of traditional music, along with ska, jungle and breakcore and then there was clowncore.

1) Since the age of seven I know you’ve had a great interest in different instruments? whether it was bass, piano or keyboard. But which one have you found the most inspirational to your work?

I suppose it has to be the keyboard, its the first instrument I understood, and without it I would have never made the music I make, and its the most featured in the backlog of music I’ve made,

2) what is your favourite music gadget?

I’m not really sure, I think everything has a time and a place, and to be honest I’m not the most gadgety of people I haven’t really updated my personal set up in years, and normally have an attitude of ”I ll make music with the equipment I have!””

3) simple, but why clown core?

((is the question referring to the name or why i did it in the first place?)) **for the name**,, it was a nick name given by one of my mates when he listened to quirky circusesque tune I had made, at a time that we were all sticking the word core after everything all the time, **for the reason why i did it in the first place**, it was a time when i was making lots of different experimental tunes all the time, and the first clown/happy folky ravey tune i made it had a good reaction so after it being nicknamed clown core, i started making more and more with that in mind, but to be fair i still look at clown core as a side project, which became bigger then i thought it would, most of the time i make other music but don’t really release it, or i do collaborative projects with other people,,

4) When you did the first life4land free party what were your first initial thoughts (BRUTAL BIG HONESTY) ?

I thought ,wicked this is really fun, everyone I know is here, the music is banging,no trouble, I can get used to this and we really need to do more of these ,

5) what has been your favourite free party to indulge in?

I think everyones favourite free party is their first ones, so it would have to be exodus and junction 14,

6) what has been your favourite free party to produce for so far?

I don’t produce specifically for any free party or any party at all for that matter, maybe occasionally if I happen to be making a tune I’m happy with and there’s a big party coming up I may have that occasion in mind , but due to the chaotic nature of free parties, nothing really ever goes to plan!!

7) does your prize and joy accordion have a name?

I go through accordions quite quickly, like about one every 1-2 years, some of them occasionally get girl names but i have forgotten them !!

8) What is a dream event for you to play?

I’ve had a few different answers to this question over the years, just like with anything my opinion changes with time, i suppose to a ridiculously big audience would be really fun and different ,,

9) Who do you aspire by?

do you mean who do you aspire to be? if so , I don’t really aspire to be anyone, I feel envy holds people back and I think its a big problem as it stops people from creating their own reality the perfect way for them, especially if you aspire to be someone you don’t truly know as most of the time heroes/idles are a massive disappointment if you are ever lucky/unlucky enough to meet them!

10) Your craziest encounter so far on tour/ free party?

There has been so many, i can randomly describe the first one that came to my head, (might not be the craziest in the way u mean as there are many types of crazy) but this guy was cool, he was a crazy drunk slovakian guy in a roadside cafe , and he was like a karaoke beatbox machine, he could all the pop tunes but couldn’t speak in english and just made up a language that sounded like english, we ended up drinking with him all afternoon!! safety nets,