Ed Cox EXCLUSIVE interview

A very exciting interview with Ed cox. A true inspiration through his extravagant and individual touch in music production. He is international recognised for his fusion of traditional music, along with ska, jungle… Continue reading


Accordian, clown, breakcore? what’s going on here you might ask May I introduce you to Ed Cox Edward cox, the co found of life4land is well recognised for his speciality ‘clowncore’ a fusion… Continue reading

Producer/DJ CYPHA gives his opinion on free party

Local DJ Doug Robertson a.k.a CYPHA Gives his opinion towards free party culture “I like free parties because they are way better than the alternative place to go and dance to loud music… Continue reading

Local DJ and producer Alex young

  A mix made by Alex young D.Iusive’s electronic music producer.


  An Exclusive interview with Thomas Pearson, the co-owner of AZMA sound system. AZMA has been a great attribute to East Anglia and surrounding areas. AZMA has performed at many clubs, Free festivals… Continue reading


Its a secret

French teknival

— ! TEKNIMUTATION ¬†! — French teknival is now from 2014, twenty one 21 years old. The 1st may of this year it celebrated 21 years of underground techno. Since 1993 this is… Continue reading

Azma sounds

A very special interview with the co-owner of the sound system ‘azma’ sounds. A sound system that was ¬†born near bishops stortford, which has rapidly grown over the last 4 years.   Mr… Continue reading

Stonehenge 1980s Free festival

FREE!?! 80s? What could be better? Every month of June, since 1974 till 1984. The summer solstice was celebrated amongst ravers within the sight of stone henge. Unfortunately today the site is protected… Continue reading

Free party castlemorton

Castlemorton was one of the biggest festivals in 1992, In fact it was FREE. One whole week of madness, fun and music. This is basis on describing a good example of a free… Continue reading

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