Swindon Free party turns into terror event

As a participant in the scene for the last several years, I was shocked to hear my friend express concerns about people being assaulted at a free party event. With the risk of knowing the possibility of being told to leave a location due to no legal regulation of the event, we enjoy to indulge in a cheap night out without the costs of an entry fee or overpriced drinks as you would at a nightclub.

On the 1st march 2015 several ravers attended an event in Swindon. Wiltshire police expressed their concerns and attempted to shut down the rave but in doing so four officers were reportedly injured. This included missiles being thrown and even a brick caused injuries in the early morning.

However amongst the ravers there have been several comments made about violent restraint and police being heavy handed. A girl even posted bruises of her injuries on Facebook. There have also been allegations of sexual assault by a police officer towards a young girl who was searched. Fellow ravers who attended the event complained of obtaining injuries and I felt the police had dealt with the situation to heavy handed.

Superintendent Andrew Carr said: “It is our job to keep the public safe and disperse people from this location. This rave was illegal and therefore there are no guarantees that location is safe or that the amount of people who attend are properly managed.” which is a fair comment.

However five people where arrested due to violent and disorderly behaviour towards the police. Was it necessary? Also the news reports do not reflect on how the ravers felt about the situation. Free parties and free festivals have been going on since the 80’s and it has now become even harder to put the events on. This has resulted in using locations harder for the police to enter and close down.