Saturday february the 14th 2015 8pm-4am

Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 2EN, UK

Its a special night indeed, I myself have been to this event three years running, and trust me when i say it will blow your party minds, for the Anti-valentines ball is on its six year running. They are advertising as the best one yet, with bigger head liners and more impressive sound systems. the light shows are spectacular, the venue is outstanding and the décor is memorable.

In the main room their will be KHAINZ playing heavy minimal techno and tech house, CHRIS LIBERATOR, STERLING MOSS present with you with acid techno along with AUDIOMATIC to play the latest off beat progressive. There are some new rising stars, ALEX CARROLL and SECTION 303 alongside anti valentines residents KLOCKWORK AND JOE FRANTIC, this is determinately going to set off a night of madness. Project storm recording are the tea that will present to you those favourite party tunes, some that might bring you back to your country bumpkin free party days at the ridgeway.

MICKY FINN and DJ RANDALL are headlining room two along with DEEKLINE and JURRASIK, there might even be some cheeky DnB.

And one of my favourite rooms will bring back to you a flavour of the underground dance scene, and celebrate the triumph of the free party culture, AN WATT and ODYSSEY bring electro, progressive drum and bass, and your favourite hardtrance.

Check the line up and here there is even a pre party warm up with free entry to Anti valentines ravers.

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ROOM 1 – Hosted by Northern Exposure and Inline Audio and friends

..:: KHAINZ (Switzerland) – Echoes Records

..:: AUDIOMATIC (Germany) – Spintwist Records

..:: CHRIS LIBERATOR LIVE (UK) – Stay Up Forever

..:: STERLING MOSS LIVE (UK) – Stay Up Forever

..:: DJ KRISTIAN (UK) – Dacru Recs/Red Dust

..:: ALEX CARROLL B2B SECTION 303 (UK) – Roll In Groove Records

..:: LOGGER, MONOMONKEY, CRAIGEMOSON – Storm classics set

..:: DUTON (Project Storm Recs)

..:: KLOCKWORK B2B RYBEAR (Northern Exposure/Unhinged)

..:: JOE FRANTIC (Wrong Turn Records)

ROOM 2 – Hosted by Party:Ard

..:: DJ RANDALL – MAC2 Records

..:: MICKY FINN – Urban Takeover Records

..:: DEEKLINE – Hot Cakes

..:: JURRASIK – Hot Cakes

..:: TQ B2B B Skills (Liquid)


..:: DJ JAYBEE (Old shcool set)

..:: TOMMO (Jungle Set)

..:: KROOGA (Neurofunk)

..:: BLAIR GRYLLS (An Watt/Motion)

..:: DA SHIZNIT B2B DJ 1DA (Party:Ard)

..:: DUTTY B (Tunnelcrew)

ROOM 3 – Hosted by CLOCKWORK

..:: UPGRADE (Serial Killaz) – Jungle

..:: THE WIZE GUYZ – Jungle techno

..:: DJ FUDALWOKIT – Hard Trance

..:: OBLIVION – Jungle

..:: E>C – DnB

..:: ANTIXX – Acid Techno

..:: CHARGED – DnB Swing

..:: CUSHE DJs – Old School 1992

..:: CAT FOOD – Jungle techno

..:: DJ GARF – Hard Trance


ROOM 4 – Hosted by An Watt and Odyssey


..:: HOODLUM (Illicit)

..:: 50 CAL

..:: AUNTY MAG B2B BEDWELL (Illicit/Nocturnal)

..:: KANE B2B KING ARTHUR (One Love)

…. MAINLINE (free party stylee)


..:: COMPETITION WINNER (to be announced)


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Charlie ‘Klockwork’ Kirby
An Watt
Gary Birch
Nick McDonald