Spiral tribe

Founded october 1990

Who are the spiral tribe?

Famous tribe known for their free parties and their disappointment with justice. The Spiral Tribe split during the mid 90’s and each member went on his own way.   Spiral Tribe had 23 members.

SPIRAL TRIBE is a loosely knit collective that organizes illegal parties and outdoor raves while simultaneously recording and distributing their own white-label tracks.

Heres a few questions from an interview held a few years ago, referencing there attitude and opinion on free party.

Why did you hold that one event at Canary Wharf? What was so important about that site?

tribe member 1: There it was, this empty, sprawling mass of concrete… bollocks – with all the money they spent on Canary Wharf they could have given every man, woman and child in Great Britain five million pounds each. You can check that, somebody showed me the total amount, check it – billions and billions they’ve spent on it and totally empty. There we were on this only bit of green on this island…. We knew it was going to come on top of us but it just had to be done, we were just drawn to it.
tribe member 2: The other angle is that basically we’ve been taken away from Stonehenge and thrown out of countryside, so we will do it in the city…. And we thought, where in the city is nearest to Stonehenge? If you check out that area, first you’re on the Greenwich Mean line, there’s heavy ley lines around the area…. Canary Wharf itself has got a true pyramid topped by a strobe light and it’s this massive pillar yuppiedom that never happened, totally empty – you’ve got Greenwich Observatory over the water, the Queen’s House, and to top it all, in the middle of all this chaos, you’ve got this field, a massive open space of grass like out in the country and Mudchute Farm full of animals that would have been in the country, right next door to it. So basically, when we saw this, even though there’s only two roads in we knew it had to be done, it was the place, the energy there was incredible.

So it was something you had to do because of the energy and not because of the attention it would grab.

tribe member 2: Purely because of that energy and it was so similar to the power that is out at Stonehenge that we feel…

For people coming in at the start – what basically are Spiral Tribe about?

tribe member 1: Its one tribe, the spiral being like the beginning, the nurse of it all, spiralling out, bringing in everything to it at the same time….. We’re a tribe of people, ever growing, who set out to put on parties, basically, free parties.

A very brief insight into the spiral tribe, one I will talk about again, but definitely a highlight in the history of free party.