Producer/DJ CYPHA gives his opinion on free party

Local DJ Doug Robertson a.k.a CYPHA

Gives his opinion towards free party culture

“I like free parties because they are way better than the alternative place to go and dance to loud music which is nightclubs. No overpriced drinks and sticky floors and aggy bouncers and lairy douchebags who are just there to start a fight or try and lure home a drunken girl who knows no better (or far fewer anyway). People are there because they love the music and the atmosphere. Also I love that theres such a variety of music. If you go to a club night it will generally be one type of music and its boring, at a free party there can be anything from hardtrance to jungle, breakbeat, techno, dnb, oldskool. It’s a mash of everything and there’s loads of awesome freeparty dj’s and producers. Also the sick locations and amazing sunrises, definitely another plus”



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